Single Cab Canopies

Single Cab Canopies Available for Delivery Across Australia

Whether you're looking for permanent fit or lift-off canopies for your single cab ute, Magnum MFG has you covered! Our three-door canopies give your tools and tech the ultimate protection from weather, dust, would-be thieves, and, when used in conjunction with one of our tool boxes, protect against any damage that could be caused by rolling around while you drive. Made from heavy-duty plate and with internal bracing for extra strength, our canopies have in-built floors, reinforced roof and front panel and strong locks. They’re almost impenetrable, but you’ll have the keys: we supply up to 12 keys with every ute! Just don’t keep them all on the same keyring. Contact Magnum MGF today to discuss your needs, or browse our selection below to have your next canopy delivered to anywhere in Australia.