Aluminium Toolboxes and Permanent Canopies Install Guide

Correct Fitting Instructions

The correct fitting of an Aluminium toolbox or canopy ensures that the item is

  1. Securely fastened to the tray
  2. Secured using fasteners that will not stretch or lose tension
  3. Is secured in a way that minimizes any deformation at or around the hole for the fastener
  4. Is secured in a way that prevents movement or flex in the box

Ensuring these criteria are met will avoid

  • Detachment or loss of unit from the vehicle
  • Deterioration of the toolbox due to movement or flex in the toolbox
  • Tearing of the aluminium floor and compounding effects
  • Cracking of welds due to movement or flex in the toolbox
  • Loss of warranty

Use Only

  • Hi Tensile (Grade 8.8 or above) Zinc Plated Bolts M8 size or above
  • Nyloc Nuts to suit
  • Minimum 50mm x 50mm x 5mm (or equivalent) plate washers top and bottom
  • Allow for 2 x plates/washers per bolt and nut fixing

Use Only

  • The floor of the toolbox/canopy should be fully supported by the tray or a substructure
  • Washers/Plates need to be aligned such that they fit neatly into the corners/lower corner welded join of the toolbox/canopy, spaced relatively evenly along the internal perimeter of the toolbox/canopy
  • The second Washer/Plate is fitted over the bolt on the underside of the tray, with the nyloc nut This method will ensure that the tightening load of each bolt/nut is spread across a wide surface area. It will also minimize any movement of the toolbox at or beyond the extent of the fastening point/s.


  • Use screws to secure a toolbox or canopy to a vehicle or tray
  • Use standard size washers under the head of any bolt (or nut) used to secure a toolbox or canopy
  • Position the fasteners holding a toolbox or canopy away from the edges of the structure

If you have any questions about the fitting of your Magnum toolbox or canopy, then please call our friendly team and they will be more than happy to offer the assistance or advice you need.

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